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At Eastland Family Practice, you can get a round-the-clock patient-care facility with proven diagnostic care.

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With the unmatched dedication and inspiring accomplishments of our people, Eastland Family Practice has been recognized as one of the leading healthcare entities. Our staff in this practice has contributed several years of promising working experience in the healthcare industry

Eastland Family Practice is proud to maintain extended hours of operation for the convenience of our patients featuring the added value of a professional medical team dedicated to treating all patients with sensitivity, courtesy, and respect. In addition, the company is proud of the fact that we possess a team dedicated to demonstrate integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all aspects of operations.


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Women’s and Men’s Health Care

Make health your priority with the best Practitioners of Eastland Family Practice. With the most hospitable staff on board,  we value and respect the autonomy of each resident and cater to their needs with carefulness and patience.


Wellness Checks 

We offer a thorough wellness check to diagnose one or multiple health problems that include blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and other serious or fatal illness. From physical examination to screening tests, we cover every need. 

Adult Immunizations

At Eastland Family Practice, determine needed vaccines and get yourself fully assessed by professionals. We review special situations and conditions in terms of allergies and illness and recommend the much-needed and effective vaccine along with educating about precautionary and post-vaccine practices. 

STD Testing and Treatment

Early diagnosis of STDs help patients get cures. Get proper STD screening tests and physical examinations conducted by our specialised practitioners. If you find any sign of physical or pelvic infections, consult us. 

Birth Control Services

Get effective and safest birth control care with proven methods and the most efficient medications. We offer multiple options to patients and give them professional family planning consultations. You can have birth control implants, patches, or pills, along with discovering several tried and tested methods. 

Suboxone Treatment

We treat opioid dependence at Eastland Family Practice. We ensure fast recovery and help maintain health with the highest quality and most reliable medications. Our experts have catered to thousands of patients and have served the community well. 

Pediatric Services

Our panel of pediatricians has the expertise and years of excellence to diagnose and treat any minor or fatal illness in your little one. We use mild medicines not to cause much harm to the immunity of each child while treating the illness from its core.

Child 2-12 y.o

Infants and toddlers are prone to get allergies which if not treated at the right time promptly can turn into fatal and contagious illness. At Eastland Primary Practice, we offer patient-centered  care with transparent and reliable procedures, medications and treatments. 

Adolescent 13-18 y.o

Maintaining health during adolescence is necessary and can be tricky. At the same time, individuals should be educated to maintain proper health checks. We have the most qualified team of practitioners who diagnose early signs of illness and restore the health of every individual. 

Childhood Immunizations

Immunisation schedules, dosage, pre and post care, you get complete care at one place. We use government certified vaccines and carry out proper examinations before exposing children to any dose. 

Covid Testing/Vaccines

At Eastland Family Practice, get the latest information on how COVID-19 may affect you. We provide early diagnoses and the most effective treatments, including vaccination, testing, and symptoms, while educating about safety and current visitor policies.

Covid Testing

We offer Lateral flow tests (LFTs) to diagnose COVID-19. Using the highest standard resources and testing kits, we ensure to keep our patients safe and secure. 

Covid Vaccines

Consult our best practitioners about the most effective COVID vaccines. Our practitioners first conduct a proper examination of every patient to find out about possible allergies or reactions. We offer age-appropriate dosage with quick and safest procedures. 

General Vaccines and Treatments

Vaccines protect you against many different diseases, including cervical cancer; cholera; COVID-19; diphtheria; hepatitis B, Influenza, only if you get get the right dosage by following accurate precautions. Get help now. 

Flu Testing

Get rapid influenza and sinus testing at Eastland Family Practice. We provide lighter and effective medications to cure your illness from its core for a healthier life ahead. 

Flu Vaccines

We have a full range of vaccines and flu shots that enhance immunity and fulfill the vitamins and mineral needs of your body making it more resilient and healthier from inside. 

Pap Smear 

Cervical cancer is predominantly diagnosed in Women, which, if diagnosed early, is curable and treatable. We offer the most advanced diagnostic laboratories and consultations from our best practitioners. Better not waste any more time, every second counts. Consult now.

Veterans’ Disability Determination

Get the most accurate and reputed Veterans’ Disability Determination services at Eastland Family Practice. We diagnose your current injury or illness that may affect your mind or body, leaving you unfit to serve your duty. Moreover, we also assign you a disability rating based on the severity of your service-connected condition.

Our Vision

At Eastland Family Practice, we are eager to offer the highest quality medical care in a timely and efficient manner with on-site laboratory capabilities, primary care services, and Opioid addiction treatment all in one convenient location.

Our Mission

Eastland Family Practice strive to excel in the business of operating a medical clinic to promote health and wellness to the underserved community. Managing and treating acute and chronic medical illnesses.

Efficient Adult care

Comprehensive Pediatrician Services

State-of-the-art laboratories

Acute and chronic illnesses Treatments

Patient education

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Providing acute care and helping residents manage chronic conditions, we value your concerns and ensure our availability 24 hours a day to ensure that each resident receives the best care whenever it may be needed.

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